AraMarks Intellectual Property is not a law firm; it is the IP arm of Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners (SAP) in Qatar, and a Middle Eastern evolving intellectual property professional firm in other jurisdictions.

In Qatar, where QATARLAW.NET was founded and where our Head Office is, our relation with Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners mirrors the modern and revolutionary understanding of Intellectual Property Management (IPM). Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners is a Qatari law Firm duly licensed to assist IP Rights owners enforcing their rights in courts of law or other dispute resolution channels once the certain right is created or registered. AraMarks Intellectual Property actively assists and participates in managing the client most valuable asset, by way of protection, maintenance, commercialization and exploitation. This professional set up aims ultimately to streamline the services offered to the client in term of quality, transparency and reliability.   

The bar of our services quality was surely raised with this positioning. Our scope of value added services extended from the classic and straight forward application and prosecution services to advising our clients on how to manage their IP portfolios, how to extract the best value of their IP assets, how to build and retain an IP culture within the client’s organization and many more quality and value based IP services.

In the real world, the race to excellence has no finish line. This is our motto at AraMarks IP as we pursue professional excellence. Our relations with our clients (owners & associates) are based on continuous interaction aiming to integrate the IP capital in their global strategies and to exploit it efficiently and effectively in their operations.   

Our strategic alliance in QATARLAW.NET definitely enhances our position as an industry leader and does surely give our clients the peace of mind needed.