AraMarks IP is not only protecting IP rights, it also helps its clients develop, retain and exploit their Intellectual Property capital in a more business oriented and focused approach. We provide in depth counseling, review and analysis of stakeholders IP assets. Advisory services on when and why the IP due diligence audit is needed, IP S.W.O.T analysis, proposing practical solutions to manage IP associated risks of infringement and misuse, are the core of our pioneering out of the box services we provide to our clients.

While historically, lawyers were the guardians of the IP rights, recent breakthroughs proved that Intellectual Property Management (IPM) is an all encompassing discipline that involves a blend of legal and business orientation that aim not only to protect, but to benefit and capitalize on these rights.  AraMarks IP strategic alliance and affiliation with the Sultan Al-Abdulla & Partners, perfectly serves this new thinking in modern IP strategies. With such alliance, our clients receive unique and livable business and legal solutions to their IP needs and requirements.