Over the years, AraMarks IP established and developed hands-on experience in the prosecution of different types of IP Rights in Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries. This experience was the outcome of years of interaction with competent registration offices in Qatar and the region, topped up with our deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of Intellectual Property laws and legislations in our region. With such positioning, we successfully represented stakeholders from all over the world, paving the way to establish their investments and business presence in our region by providing them with a value add prosecution services, that yielded a better and more immune protection of their IP Rights, the most valuable asset abroad for any stakeholder or investor. 

The diverse local Qatari and regional client base we built since our inception enabled us to partner with world leading IP attorneys firms. Marrying our local and regional clients urge to protect and safeguard their IP rights worldwide, with the trustworthiness, professionalism, and proactive approach of our international network of associates, enhanced the quality and outreach of our services.

From a growth perspective, the expansion of our network of associates goes hand in hand with our determination to maintain fast growing network while keeping the quality of the services we deliver intact and uncompromised.

Therefore, be it a trademark, patent, copyright or any other form of IP protectable right, AraMarks IP is capable and well equipped to assist in trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyrights clearances, filing and prosecution, assignment, licensing and acquisitions, renewal and annuities, change of owners’ names and addresses, and all other related services.