Jamal_Abu_Ghaida Jamal Abu Ghaida

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
AraMarks Intellectual Property

Level 20, Al Fardan Towers
Al Funduq Street
West Bay
P.O. Box 20464
Doha, State of Qatar

Tel: +974 44 21 4806
Fax: +974 44 31 5783
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Jamal Abu Ghaida is a graduate of the Business School of Yarmouk University in Jordan with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Fresh from the university, he joined Qatar Office of “Saba & Co. Intellectual Property” as Trainee/trademarks specialist in 1990 and worked his way up to Manager of the Qatar Branch Office of Saba & Co. In 2003 he joined the 15th Asian Games Organizing Committee - DAGOC as the Brand and Intellectual Property Rights Protection Manager. In DAGOC Jamal actively managed and participated in the development of a national IP protection and anti ambush marketing program for the Games.

In 2007, two months after the conclusion of the Games Jamal in association with Sultan M. Al-Abdulla co-founded and started working in AraMarks Intellectual Property as the Managing Partner of the firm. Currently, he is advising clients on best practices of managing, protecting and commercializing their IP capital and assets, managing clients’ trademarks portfolios in Qatar and more than 50 countries around the world, and handle the strategic planning for AraMarks Intellectual Property operations.

Jamal is a member of International Trademark Association-INTA, New York.